About Us

Our Vision
We envision Anchor Collection Services, Inc. to be:
- One of the leading service providers in the field of collection and other related services, - manned by trusted partners and  dedicated employees,
- contributing to employment generation through business expansion and development of group of companies.

Corporate Responsibility
We support our employees, community and environment through our affiliate organizations.

Our Mission
- Provide cost effective and reliable collection services and other related activities to clients
- Provide excellent service in recovering collection of accounts in a timely, efficient and appropriate manner.
- Treat customers with respect and consistently achieve the highest level of ethical standards in doing collection.
- Maintain our commitment to quality and excellence and continue to improve our systems and processes along with quality service provided for our clients.
- Provide employment opportunities to fresh graduates to the expansion of our expertise in manpower services.
- Contribute to the professional development, economic improvement and social well being of our employees & staff

- Maintain adequate return of investments for long term sustainability and financial viability of the company in order to carry out its business objectives.

Our Core Values
We are committed to:
We keep our commitments to our Clients. We are trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our action. We are accountable to our actions, success & failure.

Client Satisfaction: We strive to deliver quantity and quality in a timely fashion to exceed our client’s expectation.

Innovation and Improvement: We will continue to think innovatively, improve our processes to accommodate the changing needs of our clients and the industries we serve.

Efficiency and Frugality: We practice resourcefulness, self- sufficiency and innovativeness without sacrificing economic competitiveness thereby ensuring the financial viability of the company and that of our stakeholders.

Teamwork and Accountability: We will always work as a team in order to maintain our strength as an organization, each member is accountable for individual performance standards, ensuring superior quality of work at all times.

Positive Attitude: We will maintain a positive attitude, focusing on solutions and promoting a collaborative and enjoyable environment