We offer and provide Collection of past due and delinquent accounts from customers of our client institutions on a no-collect no-pay basis.

Benefits provided to our Clients

- Reduce customer delinquency and write-off
- Reduce overhead cost on collection of delinquent accounts
- Maximize collection of Past due accounts
- Improve Revenue Cycle
- Maintain customer relation by collecting indirectly to uncooperative delinquent customers
- Strategic Collection Management Service

Call Center Services

We utilize account monitoring system, predictive dialing technology and skip-tracing to help locate and collect from more difficult accounts.

- Inbound/Outbound Collection Calls
- Sales & Marketing Campaign
- Customer Service

Manpower Services

We provide Motorized Field Collectors and experienced Collection Specialists through our Insourcing/Outsourcing of manpower services.

Collection Letters & Written Demands

First Party Collection Letters
Anchor will prepare first party collection letters using clients’ letter head.

Third Party Collection Letters
Using our own letter head, Anchor will prepare and send demand letters in behalf of our clients.


Asset Search

- Custom search to satisfy client's specific requirements.
- Motor vehicles
- Real property
- Business ownership and affiliations
- Public record information
- Judgment Recovery